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Yukiko Amagi from Persona Q (transparent)

CV: Ami Koshimizu


Beautiful artwork for Okami.


do you ever see someone loving on ur fav character and ur like

u have good taste but

they’re mine


you all deserve someone who isn’t embarrassed to love you and tells all their friends about you and saves your selfies, whether they’re good or bad to look at when they miss you and loses sleep to talk to you and tells you how much they love you all the time and i really hope all of you find that one day because you all deserved to be loved


its ok partner have some corn 


literally all i want is to fall asleep on someone

that’s it

that’s all

i’m very tired and i want to lay my head on someone’s stomach and have them run their fingers through my hair and sleep





Enjoy. :)

"Moon Animate Make Up" = Sailor Moon episode 38 re-animated by over 200 fans from all around the world.

Europeans: I drove forty minutes to the Netherlands for some groceries and then I popped into Germany to see some of my relatives before driving back home.
Americans: I was in Florida, I drove for nine hours, now I'm still in Florida.
#australians: i drove for nine hours #now i'm nine hours away from home #no one is here #the streets are empty #how did this happen #where has civilisation gone #i am alone in the universe #oh wait no there's an echidna it's okay


hello friends!!! ^ o ^ i’m back from tabling at minicomi….it was very tiring….I have a fair number of leftovers so I wanted to do a giveaway as a small thanks to you guys for your continued support ;__;!! here are some deets:

  • There will be one winner picked by a random number generator who will receive a 8.5x11 Komaeda and a 4x6 End of Evangelion print
  • You don’t need to be following me, but if you follow this blog or my artblog, you will receive an additional pencil 1-character commission
  • Reblog and like as many times as you like, but be reasonable
  • I will ship internationally!!!

Giveaway ends on Saturday, July 26th at 12:00AM PST!!!! Good luck and thanks again!!


benefits of being friends with me

  • shitty jokes whenever you ask for them
  • shitty jokes whenever you don’t ask for them